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Changzhou Wujin Zhengrong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Caoji Bridge of Wuyi, adjacent to Xinchang Railway and Changcao Class I Highway, with convenient traffic and beautiful environment.
'Solidarity work, honesty, truth-seeking innovation, high quality and efficiency' is the spirit of the enterprise. 'Scientific management, technological innovation, production of quality products, provide first-class service' for the purpose of the enterprise.
My company has more than one large and medium-sized thick plastic film forming machine and imported automatic high-speed sheet plastic forming machine, capable of processing thickness of 10mm ABS, HIPS, PVC, PP and other plastic products, for the production of trains , Cars, ships supporting the decoration of the manufacturers; for the production of a variety of medical equipment, fitness equipment, ATV, electric cars, scooters and other manufacturers supporting plastic shell; at the same time producing a variety of thin plastic packaging products.
My company specializes in producing leather, high-resilience one-time molding foam seats, backrests, mattresses, etc., for a variety of high-end medical equipment and fitness equipment; production of rigid and semi-rigid foam products for the refrigerator compartment Heat and car dashboards; at the same time producing a variety of self-skinning foam, my company is sincerely willing to develop new and old customers for the majority of plastic, foam products.
In addition, my company specializes in producing all kinds of FRP products, specifically for the bus plant supporting the bumper, roof, periphery, etc .; for a variety of vehicles and mechanical equipment supporting enclosures; also produces a variety of corrosion-resistant pipes and corrosion-resistant equipment.
My company is a certain scale of plastic, foam, FRP production of professional manufacturers, more than 10 years of production history, now with more than 10 large-scale enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises supporting the production of products exported to the United States at the same time, the United Kingdom , Russia, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions. My company has always been to 'high-quality products, first-class service' in good faith for the cooperation of new and old customers supporting.

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